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Our Waist Trainiers have Amazing farbic quality: comfortable , adjustable, & stretchy farbic. 100% Latex -Free! 

Easy to Clean, Fits your body & will not pitch or irritate your skin.

Double adjustment straps for sizing accuracy , mesh backing for breathability.

How to lose Weight: Our waist training belts burns FAT up to 2x FASTER, 

Targets your midsection with abdominal compression to increase heat and burn targerted fat.

Great for BACK ISSUES: Tummy Tuck & BACK SUPPORT\ Helps relieve pain and improves posture.


Colors:  black, hot pink, purple, neon green, yellow,blue


small- Length 90cm, Waist 60-83cm

medium- Length 100 cm, Waist 77-93cm

large-Lenght 110cm, Waist 90-103cm

XL -Length 120cm, Waist 100-113cm

XXL-Length 130cm, Waist 110-123cm

XXXL-Length 140cm, Waist 124-133cm

Fit by Berry Waist Trainer for Woman Plus size to Slim Body Shaper

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